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Here is a list of projects I've contributed / done so far. Visit project pages for more information :
Sunstar - Server Management Interface
Narcis4Linux - Narcis Dictionary Port For Linux
Youtube Video Splitter - Automatically split, convert and upload your videos to Youtube.
School Program Organizer - Solution to the problem of matching teacher free times to required courses.
Persian Poems - Read/Search/Bookmark famous Persian Poem books on your iphone.
Movie Buff - Stylish iPhone quiz application for movie fans
NeuroDiscrete - Basic simulator for conduction based neuron models, drawing neuron state on v-w field using SDL

University Projects

JavaWorms - Simple 2D game based on original Worms World Party
DiskReader - Direct-Access partition-table recognizer & directory reader supporting NTFS and FAT file systems.
VectorIndexer - Information Retrieval Project using Vector Model for searching and indexing


Ali Nadalizadeh [ali at rootshell dot ir]
Blog :

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